The Master of Christian Ministry helps prepare students for ministry in the churches or church-related fields of ministry. This degree permits students to focus on the practical courses in the graduate curriculum of the School of Religion and Philosophy. The Master of Christian Ministry is offered to assist students in gaining additional theological training while they are serving in congregations in areas near a Wayland campus or other places in the United States. In addition, it provides six more hours of course work since it does not require the thesis. The Master of Christian Ministry courses at Wayland are accepted into the Master of Divinity Degree at selected seminaries.

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Admission Requirements (In Addition to Those Listed for All Graduate Students):
RLGN 1301 - Old Testament History
RLGN 1302 - New Testament History

Course Requirements - 15 hours Religion; 6 hours Religious Education; 15 hours electives and a one hour comprehensive exam.

The core is 15 hours and includes:

one from Old Testament
RLGN 5304 - Old Testament Theology
RLGN 5306 - The Intertestamental Period
RLGN 5316 - Pentateuch and Former Prophets
RLGN 5317 - Latter Prophets
RLGN 5318 - The Writings
RLGN 5332 - Seminar on Issues in Old Testament Interpretation
RLGN 5337 - Seminar on Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to the Old Testament
RLGN 5338 - Seminar on Exegesis and Interpretation of Selected Old Testament Writings

one from New Testament
RLGN 5320 - Jesus and the Gospels
RLGN 5322 - Life and Letters of Paul
RLGN 5324 - General Epistles and Revelation
RLGN 5331 - Seminar on Issues in New Testament Interpretation
RLGN 5340 - Seminar on Exegesis and Interpretation of Selected New Testament Writings
RLGN 5341- Seminar on Studies in the Synoptics

one from Theology
RLGN 5311 - New Religious Movements
RLGN 5313 - Issues in Contemporary Theology
RLGN 5325 - Historical Theology
RLGN 5326 - The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
RLGN 5334 - Seminar on Systematic Theology
RLGN 5342 - Seminar on Selected Theologians
RLGN 5343 - Seminar on Topics in Christian Theology
RLGN 5346 - Christian Theology

one from Praxis
RLGN 5315 - The Christian Ministry
RLGN 5319 - Preaching
RLGN 5323 - Basic Christian Ethics
RLGN 5327 - Christian Worship
RLGN 5335 - Seminar on Principles of Pastoral Counseling
RLGN 5348 - Seminar on Topics in Pastoral Counseling

one from Religious Education
RLED 5301 - Survey of Christian Education
RLED 5302 - Church Administration
RLED 5303 - Seminar on Christian Education
RLED 5312 - Contemporary Christian Missions
RLED 5315 - The Christian Ministry
RLED 5316 - Seminar on Topics in Religious Education
RLED 5317 - Seminar on Age-Group Christian Education
RLED 5321 - Psychology of Religion

Additional Requirements
Master of Christian Ministry students must take the following courses if they did not take those undergraduate courses that cover similar content. These courses are included as part of the 36-hour degree.
RLGN 5315 - The Christian Ministry
RLGN 5319 - Preaching
RLGN 5346 - Christian Theology
three hours from:
RLGN 5307 - Church History
RLGN 5325 - Historical Theory
RLGN 5330 - Baptist History

Examinations - Comprehensive written examination.
RLGN 5102 - Comprehensive Written Examination - Eight hour written examination over all courses taken at Wayland Baptist University for the Master of Christian Ministry degree. May be taken in two consecutive days at four hours each day. One semester hour of credit is granted for this course.

Specialization (Optional) - Students may designate 12 of the 37 hours as a specialization in Religious Education, Bible or Christian Ministry; these hours are neither added to nor deducted from the required hours listed above.