Dr. J. B. Boren

Dr. J.B. Boren
Executive Director and Dean of the Amarillo Campus

4530 Canyon Drive
Amarillo, TX 79109
Phone: (806) 352-5207
Fax: (806) 468-9253


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Dr. Boren has worked for Wayland since 2003.  He was the Dean of the Albuquerque Campus from August 2003, until taking the Amarillo Campus in February 2007.  As Executive Director and Dean of the Amarillo Campus, he is responsible for all facets of the Amarillo Campus operation, so please feel free to come by the office and offer your concerns and suggestions. He has a BS in Sports Physiology from Texas Tech, a MS in Exercise Physiology from Baylor, and a PhD in Kinesiology (Sports Medicine) from Texas A&M. He has been married to Jennifer for 18 years and they have four children - twins Will and Brice, Callie, and Ryan.  The Borens are members of the First Baptist Church in Canyon.  Dr. Boren's interests include hunting, shooting, handloading, landscape/garden work, woodwork, and outdoor sports.