Carol Lee Clayton, Administrative Assistant

Carol Lee Clayton

Background/Expertise: When I went to college the first time, right out of high school, there was a church there where the Lord provided extensive opportunities to learn more in and from His Word. That has helped guide my Christian walk ever since. It was also there that I met and married Craig (see Academic Advisor profile), our son, Daniel, was born, and where the next adventure began. For the next 30 or so years, Craig and I went where the Lord (and the USAF) sent us while he was on active duty. We have lived in 10 states (4 of them twice) and in Germany twice. During much of that time I volunteered or worked in a variety of organizations, primarily not-for profit groups designed to help people. God provided many opportunities to learn various skill sets and I had opportunities to operate at several levels of responsibility, including leadership roles.

Academic Interest/Specialization: In 2007, I completed my BSOE in English and Educational studies from WBU-Anchorage. I also have background and work experience in library science.

Personal Statement: I received Christ as my Savior in childhood and have been blessed ever since by that fact. Godís faithfulness to His children never fails and His love has kept me each day since. His Word, the Bible, is the guide of our lives as Christians, and I am thankful it continually provides insight and wisdom for life and our future with Him.

Other Interests/hobbies: I enjoy the beauty of Godís creation in all the seasons and participate and am an even better spectator, for many kinds of sports. I like to read, do crafts, (especially needlework), and to stay connected with family and friends through mail, email and phone calls.

Family: My husband, Craig, post-AF, is an Academic Advisor and Adjunct faculty member here at WBU.  Our son, Daniel, is an USAF A-10 pilot and his wife, Erica, (PhD), are the parents of our two granddaughters, Brinkley and Breck.