Dr. Hayoung Gim,

FULL-TIME VC PRofessor of Economics

Dr, Hayoung Gim

Background: BA, in economics, Sung Kyun Kwan University, Seoul, Korea; Ph.D., in economics, Texas Tech University. Taught macroeconomics at Texas Tech University for a year. Taught economics, finance, and statistics at WBU-Anchorage for 9 years. Member of AEA (American Economic Association) and ARES(American Real Estate Society).

Research Interests/Specialization: international finance, econometrics, and macro-regional economics focusing on real estate market.

Personal Statement: I believe that contributing to the society that I belong to makes my life meaningful, and for me, teaching and writing is how to contribute.

Other Interests/hobbies: mountain climbing.

Family: wife, Yoosun, and two sons, Sungyun and Sungmin.