Connie Luque, Administrative Assistant

Connie Luque

Background/Expertise: I majored in journalism at UAA and have written and edited for a variety of projects and media, including Alaska Magazine. I have over 25 years of accumulated experience in successful writing, editing, grant writing, public relations, and administration for non-profit organizations and city government. I was the public relations coordinator, and later the executive director, for The Food Bank of Alaska. I began working for Wayland Baptist University, Anchorage Campus, in 2002 and currently serve as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Faculty. Additionally, I function as the instructor of our New Student Orientation.

Academic Interest/Specialization: writing, editing, public relations, grant writing and administration

Personal Statement: Christ is the hub of my life; everything else is accomplished as spokes radiating from that center. The passing of my husband, Michael, in 2003 made me appreciate even more deeply how temporal, and often harsh, this life is. Therefore, I strive everyday to make someone smile, offer encouragement, and lend a hand whenever and wherever I can.

Other Interests/hobbies: I love learning more about astronomy, astrophysics, and the general sciences. I serve as the administrator of the Anchorage Chapter of Reasons to Believe, a non-profit organization that “marries” science and the Bible. I enjoy long walks, hiking, bicycling, reading, outstanding movies, excellent food, and good company.

Family: I have two wonderful brothers, Gary and John O’Guinn, and a remarkable nephew, Braden. I share my home with Cricket, an extraordinarily conversational and charming Half-moon parrot.