Examining the rate of crime in Plainview

Laura Conrad
Asist. Editor in Chief

Every town has crime, and Plainview is no different. The crime rate, per capita, is proportionate to both Lubbock's and Amarillo's. However, it may be surprising to see exactly which crimes seem to be most common in Plainview.
One of the most common crimes is easily narcotics. Last year, the Plainview Police Department busted more than 133 people on narcotics charges. So far this year, they've caught 88. But the busts they've made this year are also larger.
"Nearly everything we work goes back to drugs," Captain Michael T. Carroll a veteran of twenty-five years of the Plainview Police Department said. "80% of crimes we work - all crimes - are somehow related to drugs or alcohol."
Captain Carroll also said that another cause of Plainview's drug problems is that Plainview is on a hub of a major boulevard for drug trafficking from Mexico.
Two other serious crimes are linked to drugs, forgery and burglary. Last year, there were 121 forgeries in Plainview.
"One of the biggest things we have around here is forgeries," Carroll continued. "People leave their checks laying on their dash in their car or at Walmart. Someone else will steal that checkbook, and just go to town writing forgeries. And cocaine addicts will put their own name on that check so they can get that money."
There were also over twenty-five reported rapes. Most of the rapes in Plainview are either acquaintance or child rapes.
"Rape is the most under-reported crime there is. If I had twenty-four reported, I probably had 100 rapes last year," Captain Carroll said.
Domestic violence is another big problem. In fact, one of the two murders in Plainview so far this year was allegedly a result of domestic violence. Those charged with domestic violence are required to go to counseling, although the counseling is not always effective. Carroll said that the majority of domestic violence reports they receive are women being abused by their husbands, but that there are occasionally cases of men being abused by their wives.
The Plainview Police Department works closely with Crimestoppers, as well as the Plainview Crisis Center. Crimestoppers runs an anonymous tip line for anyone having information on criminal activity to call. They also work together with the police to give out rewards for those tips. The Plainview Crisis Center works to help women that are victims of both rape and domestic violence. There is also a shelter for women that are victims of domestic violence. Captain Carroll recommends for students to get involved in the community by volunteering at any of these facilities.
Captain Carroll said that the best thing anyone can do to help prevent crime is to be a good neighbor. He advises people to get to know the people that live around them, and watch for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.
If you have a tip for Crimestoppers, call : (806) 293-8477.