Shorts VII screams of success

Bethany Chollar
Staff Writer

Many of you have seen the colorful flyers portraying a skinny boxer with rather large boxing gloves and something that resembles the Fruit of the Looms symbol, advertising this year’s theatre production of Shorts VII. .

Since many students here at WBU aren’t exactly sure what it is all about, sophomore, Jennifer Rutherford wants to help get the word out.

She said, "It (being Shorts) can vary depending on who is doing it - regarding music etc.- but in general it is several short plays, usually about fifteen minutes in length, done in one night.”

This year's plays have been divided into two acts, with each act having four plays.

The first play entitled “Shoppers,” stars sophmore Lisa Angel, as Rosemary, and freshman Jennifer Ward, as Angela.

Shoppers is a conversation between the two women as they are waiting for their husbands to come pick them up from their weekly shopping spree. The director is Jennifer Rutherford, a sophomore from Artesia, NM.

The second play, appropriately named “Cover,” is about one man asking his friend to lie to his wife in order to save her the pain concerning his whereabouts the night before. The two men, Frank and Marty, are played by freshmen Andrew Oglesby and Craig Huckeby, respectively. The suspicious wife, Diane, is played by Milea Simpson, a sophomore from Witchita Falls, TX. “Clover” is directed by Billy Boone.

The third play, directed by Lisa Angel, stars Jennifer Riley, a sophomore from Plainview, TX.

In “Manhattan Casanova,” Riley plays Charlotte, a depressed psychiatrist who finds herself unknowingly being counseled by another psychiatrists’ receptionist after being unable to make amends with her friends, and finding out that her mother has a third husband she knew nothing about.

The final, and longest play in the first act, “Poodle with Guitar and Dark Glasses,” has five characters that tell five separate stories that are similar, but don’t interact with one another until the end.

Tisa Whitfill plays Fuschia, a writer apparently dictating a story that she finds herself trapped in. Brandon Campanella, a Wayland senior, performs the character of a painter who, after having to stoop to dog portraits, goes insane and reveres the dog as a god.

Desi Pharis, a senior from Plainview, TX, plays Violet, a receptionist at a local emergency help line who loses her identity as a person, and believes she is a bird who has lost her flock.

The character of Gray, a professor attempting to teach English as a second language to Russians, is played by Billy Boone, a junior here at Wayland. His character comes to believe he is Russian himself and can no longer speak English.

The final character, the only one that interacts with each of the others, is a photographer who observes and captures these things on film is named Jerry. Jerry is played by Doug Warren, a sophomore from Pampa, TX.

“Poodle with Guitar and Dark Glasses” is directed by Jennifer Riley.

The Second, shorter act begins with a play entitled “Wobblies." This play is about two elderly women.

Rosa, played by Lisa Angel, and Erma, played by junior Jenni Combs, argue over whether or not to plan a “trip away" from the rest home in which they have been placed. This play is directed by Kelley Dunn, a junior from Bledsoe, TX.

The next play called “Last Tuesday,” directed by Milea Simpson, has a more serious note to it. There are six actors. Junior Israel Cansino, Jennifer Rutherford who plays Desi Pharis, Billy Boone, freshman Brandon McMillan, and Leslee Matthews, a Freshman from North Richmond Hills, TX, are on a train going about their lives, but are shocked to find a boy in a strange condition. The boy is played by Robert Preston Riley.

The next penultimate and very dramatic play stars main character Kelley Dunn. In this play Elizabeth is lying on the beach imagining what it is like in a city that is under water.

“Elizabeth” is directed by Brandon Campanella.

And, to finish the act, there is a more lighthearted play. “Lost,” starring Jennifer Riley as Alice, and Leslee Matthews as Helen, humorously shows the adventure of two very superficial and absent-minded women on their way to a luncheon.