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Better banking tips for college students

By: Victoria Priest

     College is hard. It is especially hard on your wallet. Most of the time it seems like the money leaves the bank almost as soon as it was deposited. There is gas to pay for, food to buy, entertainment to provide, and tuition to cover. Thankfully there are tips that can be followed to save your bank account.
      Tip 1-Start a savings account and drop money into on a regular basis. It will be hard at first, but worth every penny the next time your car dies.
      Tip 2- Think on the grand scale of things. You may think I only eat out twice a week, it really doesn’t cost that much. Well twice a week at $7.00 a meal comes to $728 a year. That’s too much for a greasy hamburger and fries.
      Tip 3- Consider the effort behind the money. If there is a jacket you want that costs $75, consider how long you would have to work to buy that jacket. Minimum wage right now is $5.85, so that jacket would cost you 12 hours of work if you made minimum wage.
      Tip 4- Always create a budget. Know how much you have to spend for the month and set that money aside (make sure to set aside money for savings).
      Tip 5- Always shop around. Don’t buy the first thing you see because you can always go back and buy it if it’s the best price.
      Tip 6- Plan ahead and watch for deals. If you know you need a plane ticket for Christmas start looking in October. You can watch the prices and not get stuck paying too much.
      Tip 7-Stay away from credit cards except for emergencies. That trip to Cancun is not an emergency, and you’ll pay more after interest, late fees and hidden costs get to you.
      Tip 8-Protect your money. Watch for warning signs that someone has access to your bank account. Look for charges you don’t recognize and call the bank immediately. The sooner you take care of it, the more money you will save.
      Tip 9- Balance your checkbook. You need to know exactly how much money you have so you don’t overspend. Don’t get stuck paying an overdrawn fee.