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February 25, 2008                          Since 1953                             Volume 58, No. 11

A Closer look at Wayland

Michelle Sanders/Trail Blazer          

Can you guess where on campus the above photo was taken?
Answer to last week’s Closer Look:
Base of the lampposts in front of Davis Hall

Headlines in this issue


Going Green

Students place importance on recycling, conservation

Invisible Children

Invisible Children will be at Wayland Campus Monday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. in Harral

SIFE Regionals

SIFE team heads to regionals March 17 in Dallas

Owen Flood

Rooms dry after water leak in Owen Hall

Letter to the Editor

Students should get involved, show respect

Focus on Service

Focus on the Community Crisis Pregnancy Center

One Nation, One mindset

Writer asks audience to open mind



At left, pitcher Todd Jeffress streches across the mound to deliver a Pioneer victory against College of the Southwest. Todd Jeffress (2-0) started the game, holding CSW scoreless until the seventh inning.

Baseball Notes


Michelle Sanders/Trailblazer                     

Flying Queen Megan Coats (left) drives to the basket against Oklahoma City Thursday night at the Hutch. The Queens lost, 82-62.

Flying Queens lose to No. 5 ranked Stars


Michelle Sanders/Trailblazer                     

Pioneer Tyrone Crawford leans into an Oklahoma City defender Thursday night at the Hutcherson Center. The Pioneers lost by five points.
Pioneers lose in grudge match to Stars


Teresa Young/WBU         

Director of Vocal Studies Jeff Kensmoe (left) directs student actors Alicia Alford (center) and Mary Feril in a scene from “Proof” in which their two characters fight over a notebook.

 Teresa Young/WBU                                      

Hal (Thomas Hoffman) steals a kiss from Catherine (Mary Feril) while she’s swinging in a scene from the Wayland theatre production of “Proof.”

"Proof" holds themes of genius and mental illness

Community Calendar

Up-coming events around the area


Michelle Sanders/Trailblazer                                            

Pete and Nelda Laney speak at the dedication of the new activities center.

Laney Center dedication

Laney Center Cafe

Laney Cafe open for healthy foods


The Roaring 50's: Keeping it consistent

Good food, people found at the Roaring 50's


WANTED: Actors and Crew

What: Auditions for Shorts
Who: Anybody
Where: Black Box
When: February 26, 6:30 p.m.

These are a series of short plays led by student directors.
Come by, fill out a form, there will be material for you to read (or bring your own 90 second monologue). If you want to be on crew, just fill out the form!
If you have any other questions call 291-1080.



Michelle Sanders/Traiblazer                                              

WIG OUT: Devin De Loe and David McClung show off their wigs at the Pioneers’ basketball game Thursday night at the Hutcherson Center.

Michelle Sanders/Trailblazer                     

The Wayland Pep Band plays a tune Thursday night under the direction of Mr. Joe Vandiver.

Michelle Sanders/Trailblazer                     

Homecoming Queen nominee Catherine Donald of Anchorage, Alaska, waves to the crowd as the ADK members cheer her on. ADK won first place in the cheer competition at halftime of the Pioneers game.