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Focus on Service: Humane Society

By: Megan Wimberley

     Not only is it important to take care of people, but it is also important to be good stewards over the world around us, including animals.
      The Plainview Humane Society does just that. It is a no kill animal shelter located at 500 SW 3rd St. This organization, like many of the others, is run on volunteers.
      Also similar to other non-profit organizations, most of these volunteer have full-time jobs and families, so the more help they can get the better. Usually people will volunteer 1 and a half hours once a week.
      Volunteers need to be reliable. They should also feel comfortable working with both animals and people. This is a job that you will get dirty at, so volunteers should be prepared for this.
      There is also a foster care program through the Plainview Humane Society, in which families temporarily take care of an animal until it gets adopted. This could be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months.
      The foster care program is very valuable for several reasons. First of all, it creates more space in the humane society to take in more stray animals. Also, it is great because many of the animals do much better in family-type environments.
      Foster families should be aware that while these animals can be a joy they can also be a heart ache. They may not be house trained or they may have bad habits.
Many times, foster families build a good relationship with an animal and are sad to see it go to another family. However, while it can be sad, it is also quite rewarding to know that you helped not only the animal you took in, but also the extra animal that got to come to the shelter in its place.
      Obviously, adoption is also a way to help the Humane Society. It costs $75 to adopt a dog and $50 to adopt a cat. This fee includes vaccinations, worming, spay or neuter, as well as micro chipping (a small chip inserted under the animals skin that helps to identify lost animals).
      The Plainview Humane Society also has programs to create awareness of the stray problem in Plainview. Volunteers come to different events and explain to people ways to solve the problem, as well as how to help by adopting a pet.
      If you would like The Humane Society to come to an event they will be more than happy to, and will even bring a few of their furry friends along.
      The Plainview Humane Society also accepts monetary donations as well as donations of unopened bags of dog food, treats and other pet supplies. They are open Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 5:30. If you are interested you can stop by the location on 3th St. or call 806-296-2311