"United in Christ" to reach Plainview

Laura Conrad

Assistant Editor 

"We had a vision from the Lord," said Matt McCabe, a Wayland sophomore. "Not just me, but Zach Greer, Donny, Dr. Meeks…a lot of people."
The vision McCabe was referring to is the brand-new group called "Taking Over Plainview for Jesus Christ".
It was started near the end of last semester after several men on campus voiced their conviction that something needed to be done to bring the people of Wayland, and ultimately of Plainview, together for Christ. The group will initially target only men, but eventually women will join as well.
The group plans to use various types of evangelism, as well as service and other projects, in conjunction with local churches and community resources to reach people. One key goal for the men will be to build unity amongst all the guys on campus.
"Through the semester God had just laid on my heart about unity, and took me to Romans 12 where it talks about the different functions of the body, and how much we tear each other up all the time," Zach Greer said. "Especially Christian guys are the first ones to really knock each other down. So the whole semester God had just laid it on my heart that we needed unity, but I didn't really know how. Then, Matt came and spread it around, and it just took off from there."
While the group is still largely in the developmental stage, news is spreading fast. "Taking Over Plainview" has had several meetings so far, and has had an attendance of around 30 to 40 people. The men encourage people to get involved, and hope to spread the word more in the future through the use of Wayland's radio station. The group is also considering doing chapel.
For more information, contact the BSM at 291-3595.