The Refuge is seen as a place of just that for lost teens

Justin Hancock

Staff Writer

When first meeting him, Nate Adams can be an intimidating man. Head covered in piercings, tattoos over the majority of his visible body, and clothed in black. Yet, as different as he may look to some, his character changes one’s perspective of him.

Adams helps run the Refuge in Amarillo, TX, a “safe haven for those who need the love of Christ.”

“We are about loving on these kids that come in to listen to the rock bands we have come through here,” Adams said. “And those types of kids are the ones that need the love of God the most.”

Although he shares in the setting up of the concerts, Adams feels his ministry is more with the teenagers that come in off the street, not the bands that draw them.

“Sometimes, instead of staying inside and making sure sound checks are going good,” he said, “I’ll spend my time outside just hanging out with the kids and making sure they’re being taken care of, because that’s what I’m here for. Them, not the bands.”

The Refuge is located in the southeastern area of Amarillo, which is not the nicest part of the city.

The majority of the audience that comes through the doors of the Refuge is the “ones that don’t like Christians,” Adams said. “So I show them that I’m a Christian and I love them for who they are, regardless of what they look like or what they do in their spare time. I’m not supposed to change them, I’m called to love them and show them who Christ is to me.”