Who Wants to date Conrad Jones???

Zach Crook


Most students here in Plainview have heard about The Bachelor and Blind Date, but now that reality will be placed right in the midst of Wayland Baptist University, with the Trail Blazer’s reality series “Who Wants to Date Conrad Jones.”
Conrad Jones is a new Wayland student who is just looking to meet some college girls. He is a freshman Religion/English double major from West Texas.
Conrad’s interests include raquetball, basketball, and basically any other sport, studying the Bible, going to church, hunting, and just hanging out with his friends. He considers himself a pretty intelligent and really funny guy who loves to just have a good time.
His idea of a good first date would be to go out somewhere nice to eat, where good conversation could be started. Then, the conversation could continue as he and his lady friend enjoy a concert, sporting event, or play. Finally, to cap the evening off, Conrad thinks it would be great to continue conversing and end the date over a good cup of coffee or some ice cream.
His ideal girl would be a Christian girl who likes to go out and have fun and who loves guys with a good sense of humor.
If Conrad Jones seems like the kind of guy you or a friend would like to date, e-mail the Trail Blazer at trailblazer@yahoo.com, or call us at (806)291-1088 with the reason(s) why you think Conrad would be a good match for you or your friend. Conrad Jones will then choose the girl that he thinks would be most compatable with him and take her out on a date.
Ladies, here is your chance to get a free date with a quality, available bachelor.
Be sure to check the next Trail Blazer for Conrad’s choice!