The tradition of Koinonia

Daniel Coutinho

Staff Writer


      The Wayland school year got off to its traditionally fun start with the new student orientation week - better known as Koinonia.

      This year's Koinonia was without a doubt one of the best in recent years. With a record attendance of 170 students, it was bigger, better, bolder and louder than ever before. Never in its history has Wayland had this big of a freshman class, and never in its history has Koinonia been so well attended. The office of Student Activities, led by former Wayland student Theresa Moore, organized the event. Leigh Christianson and Raegan Spradling chaired the committee responsible for the planning and organizing of Koinonia.

      Christianson spent much of the summer making preparations and by August 20 her committee and her K - Leaders were ready for the new students. They came from diverse backgrounds and diverse cultures. From Pampa to Poland, from Kress to Kenya, new students converged on Plainview to begin new chapters in their lives. They were kept busy with all kinds of activities such as WBU Live, messy games, a scavenger hunt, and even a Frisbee golf tournament. The overall atmosphere was laid back, fun and sometimes a little crazy. Will Barnes described this year's Koinonia as "wilder than the Taliban."

      Everybody enjoyed themselves, and all the students that took part, both new and old, had the chance to interact and get to know each other a little before the start of school.

     "It was fun to get to know different people while doing lots of crazy stuff," Joshua Rumbaugh, a freshman from Spur said.

      As always, Koinonia provided plenty of memorable moments like Zach Greer being slammed over the head with a guitar and Jacob Burke swallowing a live goldfish during WBU - Live.

     But what really stood out was the way in which everybody participated in all the activities.

      Theresa Moore was particularly pleased.

     "Everyone went to everything which was what made this class different," she said.

      As always, K-Family group times were a favorite with the new students as was the Water Day in the Marsh. New activities like the movie night at Wilder field were a resounding success, while the introduction of trendy trucker hats over the traditional beanies handed out at the initiation ceremony was a stroke of genius.

      Congratulations to Student Activities, the K-Leaders and the Task Force for putting together a very successful, very smoothly run orientation week.