Senate passes two new bills; tables controbersial resolution

Laure M. Conrad

Assistant Editor

Senate passed two new bills, and tabled a resolution on Tuesday, declining to make a decision on it until the week following Spring Break.
The resolution was brought to Senate by Andra French, Student Body President, and Cabinet, and if passed, would amend the constitution's current policies on voting. French proposed in the resolution that presidents of student organizations should be decided upon by that organization rather than the student body as a whole, citing a lack of knowledge about the organizations, as well as a lack of involvement in elections.
"I'd call it big," Nathan Carson, President of Senate, said, "because it affects students now and to come, and the way our elections are carried out, as well as voting."
Under the resolution, which sparked debate amongst Senate members, students would still vote on positions such as Student Body President, Secretary of Elections, Council of Student Organizations (CSO) officers, and senators, but would no longer vote on offices such as Senate President, Student Alumni Council President, or President of CSO.
When the resolution was voted on by members of Senate, seven voted to table the resolution, seven to veto, and one abstained. As a result, the decision was left to Carson, who decided to table the issue for now.
"I decided to table it because we had two sides, one to veto and one to look at other options. I felt tabling it for the next meeting would give time to one side to find information for other ideas, but would still give the other side the chance to veto," Carson said.
There were also two significant bills that were passed, both unanimously. The first was a bill to change the current meal plan options from the number of meals per week to the number of meals per semester, thus allowing students the chance to carry their meals over from week to week. The second bill that was passed proposed that students be allowed the ability to swipe their meal cards more than once per meal, so that they could buy friends or family meals as well. These bills will now go on to Cabinet, followed by the administration, to be decided upon.

Have an opinion on the Election of Organization Presidents resolution? The Trail Blazer will be conducting a poll on the matter in the next issue!