Joshua Daughrity

Staff Writer


Wayland has many diverse and intellectually stimulating clubs for its students to join. One such club is Students in Free Enterprise, or SIFE. The club is recognized worldwide for its contributions to living in a free enterprise society. As we all know, we live in the most economically diverse country in the world, and it's only that way because of the hard work and dedication to the cause by so many who have come before. The SIFE club here has made it its purpose to continue that tradition however they can.

Dr. Bobby Hall is the director of the SIFE program here at Wayland. He oversees many programs that teach people in the community all about free enterprise. One such program is the Computer Literacy Program. Students in SIFE, led by President Pricilla Edwards, teach basic computer skills to anyone in the community who desires help. It pairs college students one-on-one with the person seeking help.

"We have a large volume of people wanting help, but we have to limit it each night to the first thirty people who call," Adam Gordon, a member of SIFE, said.

The computer classes are taught at the PISD building at 24th and Yonkers, here in Plainview. They take place on Thursday nights from seven to eight. Anyone interested in the class can contact RSVP at 291-1034.

There are 25 members of the SIFE program here at Wayland. The students are usually business majors, but they receive no class credit for the volunteer work that they do. And they do a lot of work. Many programs are in effect right now, and the members of SIFE ask that anyone with an idea to further teach and enhance the concept of free enterprise to give them a call.

One of the biggest programs going on right now with SIFE is the Disney Entrepreneur Online game, being taught to middle school students all over the local area. It's a fun and challenging game that the college members of SIFE teach to the younger students, and it allows the students to see how well they would succeed as an entrepreneur. The team is also preparing for competition in April.

"The program is a way for us as college students to give back to the community, and to feel job satisfaction for what we do. We would like to help out anyone needing assistance, or listen to any ideas people have regarding enterprise skills. We can give presentations, arrange one-on-one help, and teach any of these skills that are valuable to the business world," Gordon said during an interview with KKYN, the local country station in Plainview.

Anyone wishing to help with resumes, interview skills, check writing skills, or anything else consistent with business skills, can contact SIFE at 291-1034.