Wayland's tuition to increase by $25 per semester credit hour

Daniel Coutinho

Staff Writer


The news has been met with mixed feelings by Wayland students. Some are outraged, some think it’s reasonable and some, in the words of sophomore Josh Lubenow, “really don’t care.” Jonathan Barnes, a junior from Tulia, Texas expressed the sentiments of several of his angry peers when he said, “Wayland’s rich. They should pay for it out of their own pockets.” Dr. Armes responded to this view by saying that “Compared to other schools we don’t have a great deal of reserve cash. We only have enough to handle most emergencies”

And then there’s the section of the student body that, for the most part, appears to be more concerned with knowing how its money is being spent. Warren Camp, a freshman from Sanger, Texas says, “I’m not too worried about the increase as long as I can see where my money’s going.” Many students want to see visible signs of improvement in campus facilities. The men’s dormitories, for example, need upgrades while the construction of the Laney Activities Center is something most students have given up on seeing during their time here.

According to Dr. Arms, Wayland’s administration hopes to address some of these issues. Armes has confirmed that the administration is focused on raising funds for the Activities Center. Their goal is to begin construction by the end of this year and complete it by the end of 2005. Armes added that “as we grow it’s important to look at new dorm space.” According to Dr. Lusk, the vice president of enrollment management, there will be a meeting of the board on March 25th in which proposals to upgrade some of the men’s dormitories will be considered. These proposals include renovations to the basement of Brotherhood hall to increase the number of male rooms, and minor cosmetic improvements to Caprock Hall.

Many students have questioned Dr. Armes’ reference to Laptops in his letter to the student body as one of the factors contributing to increased tuition. He clarified the issue by explaining that laptops represent the area of technology as a whole , and that they symbolize how much money needs to be spent in that area.

Dr. Armes urged students who have any questions or concerns to visit with counselors in the Financial Aid office.