The intent of this web-page is three fold: first, to provide general background information to Wayland students on this course; second, to address frequently asked questions (with responses) concerning the Exit Seminar; third, to provide Wayland students with a copy of the GRAD 4101 course syllabus.

General Background Information

On June 1, l997, Wayland Educators discontinued the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) and replace it with a competency based, course for BAS degree seeking seniors. The course, titled the Exit Seminar, was incorporated into the l997-98 WBU Academic Catalog. This course was design with two distinctive objectives: First, to establish an internal formal process to capture data on the University's academic effectiveness. To accomplish this objective, a total of four assessment exams are administered during this course. The second objective is to establish a course that measures the depth of discipline competency achieved by each Wayland seniors. This objective is achieved through the completion of a senior exit project. One (1) semester hour is awarded for this course. The course is graded on a Credit (CR) and No Credit (NCR) bases. (NOTE: a grade of NCR is not a passing grade.)