For the remainder of the 2014-2015 academic year, the Hawaii campus schedule will be aligned with that of the other Wayland campuses including the Virtual Campus, our online program. The chart below indicates the starting month for each of our terms this year:

Hawaii: 5-week, 11-week Virtual Campus: 11-week
WINTER 2014-15November
SPRING 2015February
SUMMER 2015Sum I-MaySum II-MaySum III-JulMay

It is important to pay attention to the registration dates. No late registrations are allowed for Virtual Campus classes, and they are discouraged for face-to-face classes. The chart below indicates registration dates for the upcoming terms:

Term namesTerm datesRegistration dates
WinterNov 10 - Feb 14Oct 20 - Nov 17 (includes late registration)
SpringFeb 23 - May 16Jan 26 - Feb 27 (includes late registration)
Summer I MicrotermMay 25 - June 30Apr 27 - May 28 (includes late registration)
Summer II (11 weeks)May 25 - Aug 8Apr 27 - June 1 (includes late registration)
Summer III MicrotermJuly 1 - Aug 8Apr 27 - July 6 (includes late registration)

Students enrolling for their first term need to enroll with their academic advisor; others may use Student Services. For information on class offerings, see the class schedule for the Hawaii campus or the class schedule for the Virtual Campus.

The University payment plan requires a minimum of 1/3 payment of tuition and fees at registration. (This applies to all tuition expenses not covered by TA.)
Second Payment is due thirty days after the first day of the term.
Third Payment is due sixty days after the first day of the term.
Students who fail to follow the payment plan as outlined above will incur a fee of $50.00 for each late payment.

Students who wish to use VA educational benefits should contact our VA Advisor, Heide San Nicolas, at after contacting your Academic Advisor. For more information regarding financial aid, visit the financial aid web page.