'Imi 'Ike Enrichment Series

You may have heard it said, "It doesn't matter what color your Bible is as long as it is read." Bible who knowsBut what if you read it and you still don't understand everything?

Understanding the Bible
Join with others in the central Oahu community to explore ways of understanding the Bible more fully. Wayland Baptist University Professors of Religion Dr. David Howle and Dr. Brent Schlittenhart will conduct three sessions on investigating and comprehending this fascinating book.
Saturday, March 15th
Session 1: Introduction

Saturday, March 29th
Session 2: New Testament

Saturday, April 12th
Session 3: Old Testament
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This series will be presented from the perspective that the Bible is ancient Near Eastern sacred literature. The examination will focus on the Protestant Bible but will include information about Catholic and Orthodox canons.

The Understanding the Bible series will be offered free to the public from 8:30 to 10:30 each of the Saturday mornings. Sessions meet at the Wayland Baptist University campus located at the corner of Ainamakua Drive and Meheula Parkway. To register for the series, please contact Melinda Rector at 808-488-8570.