Rev. Elijah Wanje

Past Chairman of the Baptist Convention of Kenya

"The Baptist Convention of Kenya was started in 1971 as a cooperative effort of 400 churches in the country. 
Today we have 3000 congregations.  We have started at least 100 new churches for each of the
past two years.  The greatest
challenge we are facing is that of
training the leadership for the Church."



Dr. Vance Kirk Patrick

Founder of KBTC

Strategy Coordinator, East Africa IMB

"KBTC is at a critical stage!  Because
of the amazing growth of the church in this country he Baptists of Kenya are committed to offering degree level
studies.  Degree level studies can
accomplish in ten years what would
otherwise take fifty ears in planting and developing the Church in Kenya."

Campus in Kenya

Dr. John L. Sapp

Regional Leader

Eastern Africa, IMB

"We do not have the necessary personnel to engage with the good news of Christ the more than 750 ethno linguistic people groups in the region.  Your training strategy will be an integral component in developing a growing number of disciples equipped to plant and nurture churches across Kenya.


Rev. Bernard Mwangi

Previous Principal, KBTC

"Ministries and institutions in Kenya will be more effective if they are developed by graduates who understand the needs of their own people."


Rev. Dane Fowlkes

Academic Dean, KTBC

"The Primary focus will be the quality of leadership in Baptist churches.  In Kenya where Baptist churches are experiencing numerical growth and a rising educational level, there is a need to offer university level education."

Students in Class Room

Rev. Ambrose Nyang'ao

Pastor Parkland Baptisth Church,Nairobi

Chairman: Board of Directors, KTBC

"Baptist denominational maturing is suffering because of the outflow of believers to other churches who have a more professional approach to leadership training."


Rev. Ephantus Ndungu

Pastor-Student KBTC

"I ought to give my life to the ministry of II Timothy 2:2, entrusting Christ's message to faithful men.  KBTC is helping me learn the best way to do this."

Students Eatting Outside