Dr. Fred Meeks
Emeritus Professor of Religion
Wayland Baptist University

"Kenya is calling!  I have never seen as great a mission opportunity anywhere as the one found in Kenya today.  As one who teaches ministry students, I believe there is no greater need anywhere than Kenya for training ministers.  Here in America, churches select pastors from the numerous resumes they receive of available ministers.  In Kenya, churches must ask one of their own members to lead them - no ministers are available.  My heart breaks for them."

Dr. Vaughn Ross
Professor of Science
Wayland Baptist University

"After serving as a missionary in Kenya for almost twenty years, I can certainly see God's hand in the extending of a Macedonian call from the Baptist Convention of Kenya to Wayland Baptist University.  This level of educational study will be very effective in firmly establishing Christ's church in Kenya.  This can literally change the course of a nation."

Dr. William Pinson
Executive Director
Baptist General Convention of Texas

"The participation in various ministries around the world by Baptist universities is something which, it seems to me, could enhance both the sharing of the gospel around the world and the quality of life at the Baptist schools.  That is what you seem to have in mind."