past missions--balkans

Building upon Director Shaw's missionary career in Macedonia and Kosova, the Wayland Mission Center (WMC) sponsored mission work, cross-cultural immersion, and interreligious dialogue among Muslims in late July and August 2010. The teams taught EFL (English as a Foreign Language), carried out construction projects, continued ethnographic research among Roma people, and led worship experiences in the Evangelska Kongreshanska Crkva in Skopje, the Novi Gili Crkva in Shuto-Orizari, the Dobra Vest Crkva in Drachevo (all in Macedonia), and the Udha e Shpëtimit Baptist Church in Rahovec, and the Pentecostal Congregation in Gjakova (both in Kosova). As part of this journey, the team visited the biblical sites of Philippi and Thessaloniki, Greece.