Academic Schools or Offices– most are bifolds, trifolds or double-sided cards with very general information. Varying formats are noted beside the files
    1. RN to BSN trifold SA
    2. BSN trifold SA
    3. Education principal
    4. Education special education
    5. Education teacher
    6. MAC brochure
    7. Mission center brochure
    8. MPA brochure
    9. MAH external poster
    10. VC military ad sample
    11. VC brochure
    12. VC grad flyer
    13. VC landing page artwork GAFB – this was for a specific promotion we did to some military bases in which we created a URL for them specifically and this is what they got when they clicked it, then it took them to more VC info
    14. Health careers brochure sm – a special magazine-style piece we did for the science department that featured stories and photos for recruitment
    15. Bulletin inserts – We did this half-page double-sided sheet for our church services guy, who sends them out to all the area churches each year to hopefully get them to spread the word
    16. Theatre poster – a large folded format that comes with a pad of BRM reply cards on the bottom. We also do one for music and art.
    17. Art postcard – 6x11 format featuring all the year’s shows