1. General giving brochure external – This piece can be specifically tailored to each campus or we can produce one that is generic to all campuses and leaves general Web contact info on the back. (Trifold)
    2. General giving brochure – Specific to Plainview (Trifold)
    3. Giving options flyer – single half-sheet, double-sided
    4. Map and fact sheet – single half-sheet, double-sided
    5. Value brochure – bifolded piece
    6. Thanks ambassador card – postcard
    7. Yes Young alum brochure – Bifolded piece can be specified to any campus
    8. What’s happening piece – single half-sheet, double-sided
    9. Brick brochure – standard trifold created for Lubbock
    10. Lubbock development newsletter
    11. LBK Scholarship Appeal letter
    12. Lubbock giving brochure – trifold with reply card