Dr. Glenn Simmons

Dr. D. Glenn Simmons
Executive Director and Campus Dean

Professor - Religion
& Philosopher/ Education/ Counseling

2702 North 3rd Street, Suite 1050
Phoenix, AZ 85004
602-279-1539 FAX
866-379-1011 Toll Free


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B.A. William Carey University, 1972;
M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1976
Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1980
M.Ed., Northern Arizona University, 1997
Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003

Postgrad, Harvard University, 2008; WBU, 2008


Dr. D. Glenn Simmons has served as Dean of the Phoenix Campus since January 2000. Before joining Wayland, he was Provost of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Before moving to Arizona, Dr. Simmons was on staff with the International Mission Board in Johannesburg, South Africa. He taught at Die Teologiese Seminarium van die Baptiste (all lectures were in Afrikaans), as well as at the Baptist College of Southern Africa, Baptist International Theological Seminary, and the Soweto College of Education. Also while in Africa, Dr. Simmons headed up Southern Baptist Human Relief Projects for Southern Africa, including extensive refugee relief projects. Dr. Simmons teaches in the area of Religion, Psychology, and Education, having taught graduate and undergraduate courses in each.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The PhD was conferred after receiving the ThD and additional graduate education courses. Dr. Simmons also completed post-graduate work at Rands Afrikaanse Universiteit, now a part of the University of Johannesburg. Dr. Simmons also completed graduate Human Resource Management classes at Wayland.