Thank you for inquiring into the financial aid process here at Wayland Baptist University! In order to ensure a successful outcome, it's important to understand the process as well as know what documentation is required to complete the process.

Wayland Baptist University does 100% verification on all students applying for financial aid. Verification simply means that Wayland's financial aid office confirms the information supplied to the Department of Education (on the FAFSA) is true and correct. Confirmation is arrived at through the Wayland Institutional Application for Financial Aid, tax records, military LES or the DD214, the military disclosure form, social security benefits, and in some cases divorce decrees, etc. The process for review can take four to five weeks from the time the main campus in Plainview, Texas receives a student's packet. If corrections need to be made to your financial aid documentation, the process can be extended by as much as two weeks, since corrections must be sent off to the Department of Education.

The following list is comprised of required documentation a student needs to submit to Theo Franklin, the Student Accounts Coordinator, located at Wayland's Phoenix campus. Please call (602.279.1011) to schedule an appointment.

FAFSA (07-08) MUST BE DONE with Wayland's school code identified 003663

1) 2013-14 Institutional Application For Financial Aid
2) 2013-14 Verification Worksheet
3) 2012 Income tax return for student and parent/spouse, if applicable. Note the 1040 or 1040A must be signed with the appropriate signatures.
4) 2012 W2 forms
5) If you or your spouse is or was a member of the military in 2006 or 2007, please complete the 2007-2008 Military Benefit Disclosure form.
6) 2012 LES (November or December ) for you and/or spouse if you were active members in the military.
7) A divorce decree if you were divorced in 2012.

If you feel there are special circumstances that need to be included in your financial aid information (i.e. divorce/separation, childcare, sickness, lower income, etc) please contact Robert Boneck at Wayland's financial aid office. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid application as early in the year as possible.

If you are just beginning the process to be admitted into the university, it is IMPERATIVE that you understand that TITLE IV aid (government Stafford loans and Pell and SEOG grants) cannot be awarded to students unless they are UNCONDITIONALLY ADMITTED into Wayland Baptist University. It is very important that you monitor your academic file to ensure that all admissions paperwork (official transcripts, degree plan requests, etc) are turned into Wayland. If you have an academic question, please consult with an academic advisor.

Contact Theo Franklin at our Central Park Forest location (downtown Phoenix).

ATTN: Financial Aid
Wayland Baptist University
2702 N 3rd Street Suite 1050
Phoenix, AZ 85004