Campus Mail Room incoming mail and packages


Incoming Mail
All incoming U.S. Mail for departments, employees and students is received and processed by the Campus Mail Room. 

The first batch of USPS mail is picked up by us at the Plainview Post Office between  8:30 and 9:00 am every morning.  This allows us to get a head start on getting all the mail and packages boxed by 11:00 am.  The second batch is delivered by a USPS carrier between 9 am and 12 pm.  The first batch consists of regular envelopes and flat mail.  The second batch has all accountable mail, packages, and magazines, catalogs.

The mail is then sorted and boxed.

When we sort the incoming mail, the addressee name will take precedence over the mailbox number if they are different.  Please note that while we try to intercept all incorrectly addressed mail and send it to the correct mailbox, we may not catch all mail pieces.  If you receive mail that belongs to someone that is not in your mailbox, please mark out the incorrect mailbox number and return it to us.

All mail addressed to Wayland Baptist University is considered the property of the University. With the exception of mail for students, all personal mail or non-business-related catalogs should be delivered to your home.

Mail that arrives without a name or campus mail box number will be opened by the supervisor of the Campus Mail Room to determine what mail box it should be put in to.  After it has been opened, it will also be stamped saying who opened it and the date it was opened.

Mail to former faculty, staff, and employees will be sent on to their former school or office. It is their responsibility to decide what is done with a former employee's mail. We will only forward or return the mail or shipments after the department has seen the mail piece, marked out the mailbox number and returned the mail piece to us.

Packages, or anything that's too big for your mailbox.  A "Package" slip will be put into your mailbox to let you know that you have received an item that would not fit in your mailbox.  Please bring the slip to the window during regular business hours, and you can pickup the item.  Student's signature is required when picking up anything that is delivered to us that requires our signature.

Incoming Packages

We also have packages arriving not only by USPS but by UPS, FEDEX Express, FEDEX Ground and FEDEX Home. Normal delivery times for these are:

  • USPS – Between 9 am and 12 p
  • UPS – Between 9 am and 10 am
  • FEDEX Express – Between 9:30 am and 12 pm
  • FEDEX Ground – Between 1 pm and 3 pm
  • FEDEX Home – Between 1 pm and 3 pm

These times are only the times the packages are expected to arrive here.  We will have package cards put into the appropriate mail box by Noon or sooner for packages arriving in the morning.  Cards should be in mail boxes within a half hour after arrival of packages