Campus Mail Room questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I send packages through Airborne Express, UPS, FEDEX or other services through you?
First, Airborne Express no longer provides service in the continental U.S. but if there is from say, a foreign country, their incoming packages are normally routed through USPS.
Yes, we can provide UPS, FEDEX Ground, Express and Home shipping services to anyone.

What about packages that are being shipped through UPS or FEDEX to the university?
Those are delivered to the loading dock of the University Center and then brought in to the back room of the Book Store.  They are then checked in by our mail room workers, and either put into a mail box or a package slip is put in the appropriate mail box.  Each piece received from theses carriers must be checked in for security and accountability reasons.  This also applies to pieces delivered by USPS to include Express, Delivery Confirmation, Insurance.

How can I get mail forwarded?  and
What happens to my mail when I go home for the Summer or move into a house or apartment off campus?
Your mail will be forwarded to you if you gave us a forwarding address when you departed and turned in your campus mail box key.  Your mail will be sent to the address for you in Power Campus if you didn’t give us a forwarding address.  For those who have departed permanently your forwarding address will expire with us after two years time and any mail coming in then will be returned to sender.  We will stop forwarding your mail one week before Koinonia if you are gone for the Summer and we have been forwarding your mail.

How often does mail go out?
Once a day when the USPS Carrier picks it up at 3:30 pm.  Any outgoing mail must be to the Campus Mail Room window not later than 3:00 pm.  Regular USPS mail does not leave Plainview until after 5:00 pm.

Can I send personal mail through Mail Services?
Yes.  Stamped mail can be put into the bottom one of the three slots next to the post office window.  For packages and other matters, go to the post office window and ask any one of us about what you are mailing and we should be able help you.

I  have a large mailing to send out. How should I prepare it?
If you want to send your mailing first class, library, or media rate simply bring it to the post office window.

Please contact Mark at ext. 3619 if you are sending a mass or bulk mailing.  You can also get information on how we do basic bulk mailings on the “Mass/Bulk Mailings” page under “Processing Incoming and Outgoing Mail and Packages” and “Outgoing mail and Packages”

If I bring it in today, can I get it there tomorrow?
It’s possible.
If you want it sent USPS Express then you must take it yourself to the Plainview Post Office by 2:00 pm.  We can help you prepare the form and give you a flat rate envelope but we only make one trip to the Plainview Post Office and that is at 8:30 in the morning.

We can also send it out FEDEX Express.  We have free FEDEX envelopes.  We just need the package, the address it’s going to and we will print a label, attach it to the package and then it is your responsibility to pay for the shipping through the book store and to get it to the FEDEX Express pick up point located in the business office in Gates Hall.

How can I track my package?
Regardless of the carrier being used, it must have a tracking number to be able to track it.
Items sent through USPS with special services, i.e. Registered, Certified, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, or Express are provided with a tracking number.  To track the piece, you can go to and type in the tracking number in the Track & Confirm block to find out where your letter or package is at any time.  You may also have to go to the nearest USPS post office to do this.

All UPS packages can be tracked using the Track block on the UPS home page.
All FEDEX packages can be tracked using the Track block on the FEDEX home page.

Where can I buy stamps?
Stamps can be purchased from the campus book store.

Why do we still receive mail for departed faculty and staff?
The sender may not know the person has departed.  You need to call or send a change of address card to the sender to stop this mail from showing up here.   This mail can also be forwarded by us for up to 2 years if we are given the persons new address.

Can I charge postage to my department and repay the department?
No. The use of University funds for personal postage is prohibited.  You can have postage charged to the book store and then pay them if you want to charge postage.  You will have to show us your receipt before we process the mail piece and put postage on it.

What can I do to get off a junk mail list?
A good place to start is to write the Direct Marking Association: Mail Preference Service, C/O Direct Market Association, P.O. Box 3861, Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163-3861. Request your name, address and phone number be removed from marketing lists.

I am expecting a package today.  When will it be ready for me to pick it up?
We have all packages marked and ready for pick up by Noon each day except for those coming in via FEDEX Ground or Home.  Those carriers do not arrive until the afternoon.

What is the best method to send money to a student?
Checks and Postal Money Orders are safe, convenient and economical alternatives to sending cash through the mail. Money orders can be purchased and cashed at any USPS Post Office. Postal money orders are available for any amount up to $1000 and restricted to a daily purchase limit of $10,000 per customer. Money orders are replaced if damaged, lost or stolen. If you must send cash, it is highly recommended that the  sender uses Registered Mail.  

What do I do if my mailbox doesn't work?
If your mailbox is broken, or if you have lost your key, please report this to the Campus Mail Room Supervisor.  The charge to replace a lost or broken key is $10.00

Why do I receive other people's mail?
If you receive someone else’s mail, it was probably put in your mail box in error.  It happens occasionally when the person pitching the mail doesn’t read the complete name and address on the mail piece and it is then put into your box.  Please return any misdirected mail to the window.

How long does it take for mail arriving on campus to be delivered into my mail box?
All mail is sorted and put into mailboxes by 11:00 am each day unless there is a delay elsewhere.

My package has not arrived. What should I do?
Your first step would be to make sure it was sent, and then find out the date it was sent and if it has a tracking number on it.  The second step would be to contact the Campus Mail Room and ask them if your package is there.  Depending on the postal class or carrier used, it sometimes takes a day longer to get here.