Campus Mail Room services for students


The Campus Mail Room provides a wide variety of mailing and shipping services for students from a place to receive incoming mail, free campus mail, to helping prepare and sending outgoing mail.  If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Mailboxes
    Information on student mailboxes
  • Addressing Mail To Current On Campus Students
    How to address mail to students
  • Mail Forwarding
    Our procedures for forwarding student mail

Mail Boxes

  • Mail boxes are assigned to all students residing in Wayland dormitories.  They will keep the same mail box for the entire time they are here providing they are residing in the dorm.
  • A mail box will be assigned to a new student after they are assigned to a dorm room. 
  • Students must come to the campus mail room window when they arrive on campus to pick up their mail box key.  When they come to the window they will sign for the mail box key, be given the key and a copy of the WBU Student Mail Room Guide.
  • Mail boxes need to be checked on a regular basis, at least once a week.  This is to keep the mail box from getting filled with mail, lets the student stay updated on student events advertised by flyers that are put in their box, receiving mail from family and friends, etc.
  • Make sure any bills (like the cable bill) or package (cell phone) has the students name and/or mail box number on the “TO” address. 
    • A lot of times, for example, the cable bill; the name on the bill is of the parent or whoever set it up, with the dorm and room number of the student is the address used. 
    • We cannot tell who it is for if it is addressed with another name, the dorm and room number. 
    • Cell phones arrive addressed with the name of whatever name is on the credit card that was used or who’s name is on the cell phone account.
  • Any package or mail piece we receive for a student that has a tracking number on it must be signed for by the student.  To put it simply;  if we have to sign for it, they have to sign for it.
  • Students must update us on what their status is during the Summer break.  Especially if they are out of the dorm and still in the area taking classes or just working.  An example of why we ask this is:
    • Student has moved out of the dorm for the summer, not told us, we get a list of current students in the dorms, based on that, we take them off the mail box list, forward their mail to the address taken from Power Campus and then it turns out they are still are taking classes for the Summer, living down town but never let us know after we charge them for key, forward their mail, etc.
  • Replacement charge for a mail box key is $10.00.  We also will not check your mail if you do not have your mail box key.
  • Students are required to turn in their key and provide us with a good address to forward their mail to if they have graduated, leaving permanently, or are just moving out of the dormitory.
  • A students account is put in a “Freeze” status if they depart permanently and do not turn in their mail box key.  The account will not be cleared until the key is returned or the Campus Mail Room receives the $10.00 replacement fee.

Address Format

  • The proper address for everyone receiving mail at Wayland is:

Wayland Baptist University
1900 W 7th  CMB ______
Plainview, TX  79072-6900

  • The words “PO Box” cannot be used in the University address as “PO Box” identifies mail being sent to a mail box at a USPS Post Office. 


Forwarding Mail

  • Because we are a university, departing students cannot follow the normal mail forwarding procedures by using the USPS Change Of Address Form.  This is because everyone on campus has the same address. 
Students departing temporarily, like for the Summer and those leaving permanently need to come by the Campus Mail room, let us know what their