tracking packages

We check in all incoming mail and package shipments that have a tracking number and maintain a database of these records.  We also maintain a sheet that is updated daily for packages that come in for students.  They are required to sign for any package they receive if it came in via UPS, FEDEX or has a USPS tracking number on it.  Simply put, If we have to sign for it, the student ahs to sign for it.”

Contact us at (806) 291-3619 to inquire about a package you believe was delivered here and you didn’t receive.  We will need to know the carrier and tracking number.  From that information we can find out whether it was or was not received here and what the carriers status is on the shipment.

It is possible to track most packages that have a tracking number on line. 

  • The Postal Service's Web site has tracking service for the following:
    • Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed and Global Express Mail
      • Tracking and delivery information is available.
    • Certified, Delivery Confirmation, Registered and Signature Confirmation
      • Only delivery information is available.  This information is not available for all destinations. 
    • Insured and Return Receipt for Merchandise
      • Even though numbered, mail sent with these services cannot be tracked in transit nor is delivery information available on-line.  You can contact the Plainview Post Office at 296-2744 and they can check status on these.
    • A claim for lost mail may be filed with the Postal Service after 15 days (registered) and 60 days (all other services) from the date of mailing. The claim must be filed by the sender at their local post office.
  • You are able track UPS and all FEDEX packages through their websites: