Campus Mail Room window services


General Information

  • Services at the mail room window range from assisting people wanting to know if they have enough postage on an envelope to someone wanting to ship out a large package or packages.
  • Most USPS Services can be done right here while you are at the window but some are required to be taken to the Plainview Post Office to be checked into their system or verified by a Postal Clerk.
  • We are able to check and verify addresses and zip codes.
  • We have plenty of mail trays and tubs available for use by anyone needing them to carry their mail pieces.  Especially if you are working on a large mailing.  Just ask for them.  If needed, we can get more.
  • The mail room window is a drop off point for all on campus mail and all out going mail and packages from schools and offices.
    • There are three mail slots next to the window and from top to bottom these are for on campus mail, outgoing mail from schools and offices requiring postage, and the bottom slot is for off campus mail that already has postage on it.
    • If there is more mail than what will fit into the slots can be given to the worker there at the window.  It’s best if mail trays or tubs are used for large amounts of mail.
    • On the rare occasion when there is a lot to be dropped off and the window is closed, just bring your mail through the book store and to the back of the post office.
  • When a person receives a package, a card is put into their mail box.  These cards  are then taken and shown at the window to indicate that person ahs a package to pick up.  That person will then tell the mail room worker what mail box the package is for.  Students are required to sign for packages that mail room workers  have had to sign for like FEDEX, UPS, and USPS Extra Services mail.  Confirmation of who is picking up the package is required to verify they are picking up the package from their mail box.
  • We are also a drop off point for outgoing FEDEX and UPS packages.  This includes prepaid returns, and processing shipping labels for regular packages that customers would like to send UPS or FEDEX.

All mail dropped off to have postage put on it will be charged postage at the rate determined by the postage machine and scale unless otherwise specified.  An example of this would be a small box that could have a book in it and could be sent a cheaper rate but the weight of it is over 13 ounces so we will send it out as Priority Mail because there was nothing specified.


Packaging Supplies

  • We maintain a stock of the following USPS containers for our customers:
    • Express Mail Flat Rate Envelopes with Labels
    • Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes
    • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Boxes
    • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Boxes (both shapes)
    • Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Boxes
    • Priority Mail Large APO/FPO Flat Rate Boxes
    • Priority Mail Shoe Box
    • Priority Mail Window Envelopes
    • Priority/Express Mail Tube Small
    • Priority/Express Mail Tube Large
    • Priority mail Address Labels
    • Priority Mail Tyvek Envelopes
    • Priority Mail Box 12” X 12” X 8”
    • Priority Mail Box 7” X 7” X 6”
  • We maintain a stock of the following USPS forms for USPS Extra Services
    • Certified Mail Labels
    • Insured Mail Labels
    • Delivery Confirmation Forms
    • Return Receipt Forms
    • Signature Confirmation Forms

NOTE:  Using these Extra Services forms will require the mail piece to be taken to the post office where the mail clerk there will enter it into the USPS system.

  • We maintain a stock of both customs forms.  The PS Form 2976-A, the large white 6 copy form, and the PS Form 2976 which is the smaller green and white label


We can also assist our customers in finding boxes and filler material they can use for packages they want to mail out.