Bachelor of Applied Science (Our most popular program)

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) is an inverted degree program which allows
individuals to apply a vocational/technical field (i.e., courses, training, or work experience) as credit toward an applied associate's degree and, in turn, to apply the associate's degree toward a B.A.S. degree. Students in this degree program desire to enhance their knowledge, analytical abilities and critical thinking skills for upward mobility in their field. The B.A.S. exists to provide a seamless transition from technical fields to an appropriate baccalaureate program while enhancing the liberal arts component of the student's education.

The B.A.S. degree requires a 36-semester hour major of which 18 semester hours
must be in upper-level credit. The major may be selected from applied science, business administration, human services, justice administration, management, religion, or career and technology education.

The Professional Development component consists of 24 semester hours selected to provide depth or breadth to the major and to provide substantive developmental knowledge for the student's career or personal goals.

The Practicum or Internship component consists of 12 semester hours designed to provide practical experience as an integral part of the student's career development. Experiential learning may satisfy a portion of this requirement. Experiential learning must be evaluated and approved by the university to ensure its relevance to the degree.


Bachelor of Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree (B.C.M.) is a minimum of 124-semester hour degree designed to afford both academic and professional depth for individuals who possess recognized competence in a ministry. The degree integrates university degree requirements with appropriate experience. A minimum of 36 semester hours must be in upper-level credit (courses numbered 3000 and above). This degree is designed for those who come into the degree with experience in the churches or other related ministry. The minimum age requirement is 21. Per the school dean we can accept part time ministry work experience.