SYLLAbi: WINTER Syllabi 2015-16


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Sierra Vista Syllabi:


ENGL 3303 SV01 Studies in English - Brady

GRAD 4101-0001 SV01 - Grad Seminar Ebbing

HIST 3309 SV01 History of the 20th Century World - Schutner

JUAD 3310 SV01 Criminology - Ransford

MATH 1300 SV01Intermediate Algebra - Cartier

MGMT 3310 SV01 Managerial Communications Bullock

MGMT 4326 SV01 International Management - Church

MGMT 5320 TU01 Research Methods Palumbo

MGMT 5326 SV01 International Management - Church

MGMT 5305 SV01 Org Theory Moffet

MISM 3303 SV01 Information Systems- Alinen

POLS 2301 SV01 - American Government Mount

RLGN 1301 SV01 Old Testament History-Harms

RLGN 4314 5314 SV01 Marquez

RSWR 3345 SV01 Research Writing - Brady [Fort Huachuca: Lunch]

UNIV 1101 SV01 University Life - Ebbing



EL Paso Syllabi


BIOL 1300 EP01 Life Science - Rios

BUAD 3318 EP01 Business Law - Drew Neal

BUAD 5315 EP01 Legal Environment - Neal

COSC 2311 EP01 Computer Applications - Valerio

ENGL 4314 EP01 Usage and Style - Wofford

MATH 1304 EP01 College Algebra - Diaz

MGMT 3304 EP01 Principles of Management - Yarbrough

RLGN 1302 EP01 New Testament History - Wofford



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