Disability Services


The purpose of the WBU Student Disability Services office is to provide assistance and accommodations to students with disabilities. Wayland is committed to providing all students with equal access to a quality education. In addition to serving as an advocate for students with disabilities, the office also works very closely with faculty and staff members in order to monitor students' progress and encourage a positive educational experience.

Documentation Criteria

In order to be provided accommodations through the SDS office, students must provide documentation of their particular disability. The documentation must be current (within the last three to five years) and must include the following:

  • A specific diagnosis
  • The medical and educational history related to the disability
  • The severity of the disability
  • Student’s current medications or treatment of the disability
  • The functional limitations as a result of the disability
  • The recommended academic accommodations
  • For learning disabilities, the documentation must include the diagnostician’s assessment of aptitude test scores and information processing test scores. The assessment must state that the student qualifies as having a learning disability. The report should include learning accommodation recommendations from a licensed diagnostician, educational psychologist or psychiatrist.

How to Apply

  • Contact SDS and provide documentation of disability or receive referral for disability testing
  • With proper documentation, accommodations are discussed and approved
  • Take Accommodation Request Form to professors for signatures (each semester)
  • Return Accommodation Request Form to SDS
  • SDS and faculty provide accommodations

Services that Wayland provide

            Accommodations are provided based on each individual’s disability.

            Services/accommodations for students with learning disabilities may include:

  • Education about your learning disability
  • Individual consultation to enhance study skills
  • Arrangements for note-takers
  • Oral test taking
  • Extended time on classroom assignments and tests
  • Referrals for tutoring
  • Textbooks DVD or Electronic
  • Reduced-distraction environment for testing
  • Breaks during the class period
  • Interpretation (ex. Sign language)

            Services for students with physical/mobility disabilities may include:

  • Physical arrangements to ensure accessibility
  • Alternate testing site
  • Extended time on tests with oral testing and scribe services available
  • Arrangements for note-takers or tape recorders in class
  • Free copies made of notes
  • Access to enhanced computer software programs
  • Referrals for tutors

            Services for students with psychological or chronic diseases may include:

  • Professional referral
  • Alternate testing site
  • Arrangements for note-takers or tape recorders in class
  • Extended time on tests with oral testing and scribe services available

Disabilities Letter of Accommodation Procedures


Contact Information:

Teresa Moore, MAC, LPC
Director of Counseling, Career, & Disability
Wayland Baptist University
1900 W. 7th St., WBU 1250
Plainview, TX 79072
(806) 291-3764