Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education. The society is a community of scholars dedicated to worthy ideals:

Recognizes scholarship and excellence in education;

Promotes the development and dissemination of worthy educational ideas and practices;

Enhances the continuous growth and leadership of its diverse membership;

Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues; and maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.

Goals to enhance the Society’s vision:

  • ·         Recognizing and confirming the status of scholars and educators to achieve and sustain preeminence in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • ·         Focusing on effectively addressing the needs of members through the phases of their careers as scholars and educators.
  • ·         Providing an energetic, diverse learning community

Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, is committed to recognizing excellence and fostering mutual cooperation, support, and professional growth for educational professionals.

As part of its ongoing dedication to educators, the Society offers:
• Workshops & Conferences
• Books, Journals, & Other Publications
• Scholarships & Grants
• Community Service Projects
• Teachers Hotline
• Employment Resources
• Professional Development
• Other Resources

that enhances professional growth through high quality programs, services, and products.