Student Foundation is an institutional advancement organization that serves to improve and promote Wayland Baptist University. It is advised by the Director of Admissions, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, and the President of the University.

  • What is Student Foundation?

    Student Foundation is an organization of students who feel called to make a difference at Wayland. The main goals of Student Foundation are to promote Wayland to high school Jr's and Sr's as a possible college choice and to represent Wayland in a positive Christian manor. Student Foundation members are considered the ambassadors of WBU.

    What does Student Foundation do?

    Student Foundation is in charge of hosting two high school preview days, Gold Rush and Big Weekend. In addition to Wayland hosted events, Student Foundation members also help with concerts on campus, are student representatives for the board of trustees, and participate in a number of other activities to help promote Wayland.

    How much time does Student Foundation take?

    Student Foundation meets once a week. The weekly meetings are approximately held for 15 minutes, depending on the upcoming events and the requirements of those events. Events such as Big Weekend and Gold Rush require more time, but are a lot of fun.

    Who can be in Student Foundation?

    Anyone who is a student at Wayland Baptist University and who has a GPA of 2.0 or above can become a member of Student Foundation. You just have to love people, enjoy serving God, and know how to have fun and work at the same time.

    How do I become a member of Student Foundation?

    Go to the Office of Enrollment Management in Gates Hall to pick up an application. The return the completed application to the Office of Enrollment Management before 5:00 PM on Wednesday September 14th. When you return your application you will sign up for an interview time. Interviews will be on Thursday and Friday September 15th and 16th in the afternoons. If you cannot show up for an interview on those days, make other arrangements when you turn in your application.

     Where is the Office of Enrollment Management?
    The Office of Enrollment Management is in Gates Hall. It is the first office on the right at the south entrance. Ask for Delfina.