Tim Barnes: "I know now that there is always someone who is in need of help, and if I could help them(big or small), I know it would make a difference."

Kristin Blackely: "It felt great. I love getting to help them out."

Michelle Blaschke: "It felt good to help out."

Noe Chaparro: "It opened my eyes to the needs of people here. I now will strive to be a better contributor to my community.

B.J. Cleere: "Everyone needs help, and how awesome it feels to help people and build those kind of relationships."

Jeff Coleman: "I can't explain how awesome our team work and attitudes throughout the day were shown. It truly is a gift to receive a blessing by serving others, and for such a great center all the sweat and grunt work was absolutely worth it."

Lauren Davis: "I just really loved the relationship that we developed."

Hannah Dillard: "Knowing that even the little stuff I do makes a difference."

Joel Duarte: "It made me feel good about helping the kids."

Tamara Haney: "His children are working the fields, which encourages me to continue to work and serve."

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